December 18, 2017 (日本文は下にあります)

HONOLULU – Pacific Rim Cup 2018, a global soccer tournament scheduled for Feb. 8 and 10 at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii, is proud to announce an exclusive, education partnership with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), the leading international university in Japan. Through the partnership, Pacific Rim Cup will offer corporate internships to students of APU. Not only will the internship program provide innovative education options, but students are encouraged to participate in a world-class event comprising of soccer leagues from Japan, Canada and the United States.

“As one of the nation’s most respected international universities, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is a special partner for the Pacific Rim Cup,” said Takehiko Nakamura, President and CEO of Blue United Corp., host organization of the Pacific Rim Cup. The title sponsor of the tournament is DOME Corp., which is an exclusive partner of Under Armour Japan. “Working closely with their respected faculty and staff will not only enable us to create a unique partnership but will allow us to offer their students valuable hands-on training through our global event. The partnership will also amplify the university’s presence in Hawaii as a well-respected educational reputation, as we recruit the next-generation professionals. As this relationship evolves, we look forward to expanding our partnership together within the Pacific Rim region.”

Masaharu Imamura, Vice President of APU, says: "On behalf of the university, I am honored to have the opportunity to sponsor the Pacific Rim Cup 2018, powered by Under Armor. Our university is a place of harmonious coexistence between students of diverse cultures gathered from all over the world, including Hawaii, where this event is being hosted. By recognizing diversity and providing a unique education that aims to 'foster global leaders of a new generation,' the educational environment of our campus has become a microcosm of global society. With the sponsorship of this event, we would like to extend the circle of friendship in the Asia-Pacific region and the philosophy of APU to the world."

APU was founded in the year 2000 with the intent of creating new academic disciplines and training new leaders to pave the future of the Asia Pacific. More than 15,000 graduates—including international students from 144 countries and regions—have come through the university in the past 18 years. The alumni association, founded by APU graduates, has active chapters in 30 locations worldwide.

ABOUT APU Established in 2000 in southern Japan, APU set out to create a micro-global community of 50 percent Japanese students and 50 percent international students from all over the world. What resulted was a unique, multicultural learning environment in which students from over 140 countries and regions have come together to learn intercultural coexistence, responsible business leadership and sustainable development. APU offers two undergraduate colleges: The College of Asia Pacific Studies and the College of International Management. Students can choose to study their degree either in English or Japanese and have the opportunity to study the opposite language. Additionally, APU offers two graduate programs and a doctoral program in the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, and an MBA program in the Graduate School of Management. APU is an accredited member of AACSB (Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International.

Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armour

現地時間2018年2月8日 (木)、10日 (土)の2日間、ハワイ州ホノルルにて開催する、Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armourの大会エデュケーションパートナーとして立命館アジア太平洋大学(APU)様にご協賛頂く事が決定致しましたので、下記にてお知らせします。

このパートナシップを通じて、 立命館アジア太平洋大学のハワイ出身の学生様を中心に、本イベントをサポート頂く方を本学生から募り、サッカー教室など本イベントの運営活動へのインターンシップを実施、アジア・太平洋地域の人材育成に取り組むと共に、立命館アジア太平洋大学がアジア・太平洋地域を代表する大学へとさらなる発展をされることを目的としております。

【立命館アジア太平洋大学 副学長 今村正治氏コメント】
大学を代表しまして、今回のPacific Rim Cupに協賛の機会を頂きましたことを、大変嬉しく思います。 2000年、アジア太平洋の未来創造に貢献する有為の人材の養成と新たな学問の創造のために立命館アジア太平洋大学(APU)は日本において設立されました。今大会の開催地であるハワイからの学生を含め、本学は世界中から学生が集う多様な文化の共生を実現しています。開学18年目を迎え、これまでに世界144の国・地域からの留学生を含む1万5千人以上の卒業生が本学から羽ばたいていきました。 卒業生によって構築された校友会チャプターは世界30拠点を数え、彼らは卒業後も強い絆でつながり続け、アジア太平洋地域の平和的で持続可能な発展に寄与する人材として活躍しています。多様性を認め、「新世代のグローバルリーダーを育成する」ユニークな教育を実践することで、地球の縮図となる教育環境をキャンパスに実現してきました。本大会への協賛をきっかけに、アジア・太平洋地域の友好の輪を、またAPUの理念を、世界に広げていきたいと考えます。