DOME Corporation as tournament’s title Sponsor

November 20, 2017 (日本文は下にあります)

HONOLULU – Pacific Rim Cup 2018, a global soccer tournament scheduled for Feb. 8 and 10 at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii, is proud to announce an exclusive, special partnership with DOME Corporation, the exclusive partner of Under Armour in Japan,

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Dome Corporation, which is an exclusive partner of Under Armour Japan, on board as the title sponsor of our event,” said Takehiko Nakamura, President and CEO of Blue United Corporation. “Their deep commitment and philosophy to create social values through sports, and principle of global collaboration is a perfect fit with everything our tournament stands for. Having a world-renowned company involved with our game is going to be great for the Pacific Rim region soccer fans, participating teams and their fans; and most importantly the Hawaii community we honor."

【 About Under Armour 】
"Performance athletic brand” that states "to evolve athletes" as a mission.Fast-growing athletic brand, known for their clothing to fit tight and properly to the body, and absorbing and diverging sweat quickly. They have sportswear that keeps the body dry and comfortable as they focus on maximizing athletes' performance in product development. US headquarters sales have grown from $ 1 billion in 2010 to $ 3.6 billion in 2015, with market capitalization exceeding $16 billion and continues to grow significantly since its foundation in 1996.

In Japan, Under Armour has been a uniform supplier for the baseball team Yomiuri Giants, football club Omiya Ardija, basketball team Ryukyu Golden Kings, and rugby team Panasonic Wild Nights. They have also been supporting performances of many top athletes and models including: Yuki Yanagida, baseball player for Fukuoka Softbank Hawks; Akihito Yamada, rugby player for Panasonic Wild Nights; Rumi Utsugi, football player for Seattle Reign; and Kelly, a model.

【 About DOME Corporation 】
DOME Corporation, established in 1996, started their business with handling taping. They have grown their business into developing sports products (Under Armour), sports supplement (DNS), and performance direction (Dome Athlete House), aiming to contribute creating a richer society based on their philosophy of "Enriching society through sports" and "Social value creation”.

Additionally, Iwaki FC from TOHOKU Member of Society Soccer League, the team which is owned by Dome Corporation, will join Pacific Rim Cup 2018.

【 About Iwaki FC 】
Iwaki FC is a soccer club based in Iwaki, a city of Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. They play in the TOHOKU Member of Society Soccer League. Iwaki FC was founded in 2012, and the name of Iwaki FC got more attention when Under Armour decided to join the club and support it to climb the Japanese football pyramid. There's a big vision behind the club, with the will of "making Iwaki the central football-city in Tohoku". In fact, a new training field opened in November 2016 and the club-house was just launched in May 2017: two central structures to rise to the top of Japanese football. Results are pushing Iwaki FC, which has won several categories in the Fukushima Prefectural Football League, to advance to the first division: the next stage is Tohoku Soccer League, while the club has even achieved their first win at National Club. Iwaki FC also debuted at the Emperor's Cup in 2017. After defeating Norbritz Hokkaido in the first round, they surprisingly overcame Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo after extra-time. For more information, visit

Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armour

現地時間2018年2月8日 (木)、10日 (土)の2日間、ハワイ州ホノルルにて開催する、Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armourの大会特別協賛、タイトルスポンサーとして、株式会社ドーム様にご協賛頂く事が決定致しましたので、下記にてお知らせします。

【UNDER ARMOUR (アンダーアーマー)】
「アスリートを進化させる」ことをミッションに掲げる“パフォーマンスアスレチックブランド“。近年急速に普及した、身体にフィット(密着)するアスリートのためのウェアの発祥ブランドであり、汗を素早く吸収、発散。身体を常にドライで快適に保つウェアなど、アスリートのパフォーマンスを最大限に引き出す商品開発に取り組んでいます。米国本社での売上高は2010年10億ドル、 2015年36億ドルと伸び続け、時価総額は160億ドルを突破、1996年の創業以来、驚異的な成長を続けています。日本においても、読売ジャイアンツ(プロ野球)、大宮アルディージャ(サッカー)、琉球ゴールデンキングス(バスケットボール)、パナソニック ワイルドナイツ(ラグビー)などのユニホームサプライヤーとなっている他、野球の柳田悠岐選手(福岡ソフトバンクホークス)、ラグビーの山田章仁選手(パナソニック ワイルドナイツ)、サッカーの宇津木瑠美選手(シアトル レイン)、モデルのKellyさんら、多くのトップアスリートやモデルのパフォーマンスを支えています。