PACIFIC RIM CUP 2018 Introduces Broadcasting Partnership and Official Game Ball

January 6, 2018 (日本文は下にあります)

HONOLULU – Pacific Rim Cup 2018, an international soccer tournament scheduled for Feb. 8 and 10 at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii, is pleased to announce its official partnership with Ariake Broadcaster, an internet sports-viewing service and on-demand to fans across the globe. All games of the Pacific Rim Cup will be broadcasted at

“The partnership allows virtually everyone in the world to watch the Pacific Rim Cup 2018, from their Internet-connected mobile devices, smartphones and desktops. Ariake Broadcaster produces sports programs independently designed according to the needs of viewers, making full use of state-of-the-art technology. To enjoy the Pacific Rim Cup from your favorite viewing platform, they distribute and plan content keeping in mind ‘customer's eyes’ and ‘viewer's eyes’ in the personalized era, so that they will interface with their customers.”

Ariake Broadcaster is operated by Dome Corp., which is the title sponsor of the Pacific Rim Cup 2018 and Japan’s exclusive partner of Under Armour.

In addition, Under Armour has introduced the “DESAFIO,” a FIFA-approved, original design game ball that will be used during the tournament and practices by the four participating teams of the Pacific Rim Cup 2018. The DESAFIO – the Portuguese word for “challenge” – is colored blue to reflect the concept hues of the Pacific Rim Cup 2018.

The aptly named ball also reflects the mission of tournament officials. “We will support any and every challenge at the only international soccer tournament in Hawaii,” says Takehiko Nakamura, president and CEO of Blue United Corp., official organizer of the Pacific Rim Cup 2018.

Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armour

2018年2月8日(木)、10日(土)にハワイ州ホノルルにて開催される「Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armour」のタイトルスポンサーでもあるUnder Armour様より、今大会の公式試合球 「DESAFIO」 PRC 2018オリジナルデザインが発表されました事、また今大会の公式放送局が有明放送局様に決定致しました事を併せてお知らせ致します。

【大会公式試合球 DESAFIO】
この大会公式試合球は通常展開されている「DESAFIO」をPacific Rim Cup 2018仕様にアレンジ、大会期間中、参加4チームの練習や試合の公式球として使用されます。

配色はPacific Rim Cup 2018のコンセプトカラーである、"BLUE(青)"を基調にし、南国ハワイで開催される国際サッカー大会に爽やかな色を添えてくれます。


[POINT 1] FIFA Quality Pro 公認球
[POINT 2] Textured PU Cover for Excellent Flight Control
[POINT 3] Latex Bladder for Optimal Touch and Feel
[POINT 4] Hand-Stitched Construction

Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armourの大会オフィシャル・ブロードキャスティング・パートナーとして有明放送局 (Ariake Broadcaster)様が決定致しました。 有明放送局は株式会社ドームが運営するインターネットスポーツ配信局で、常に視聴者の需要をベースに、オリジナルコンテンツを最先端の技術で、いつでもどこでもデバイスフリーで、最高の視聴体験を提供しています。

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