January 8, 2018 (日本文は下にあります)

HONOLULU – Pacific Rim Cup 2018, a global soccer tournament scheduled for Feb. 8 and 10 at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii, is proud to announce an exclusive, financial partnership with Prospect Co. Ltd.

“Through the partnership, Pacific Rim Cup will promote sports and the healthy development of children, and strengthen cultural exchanges between Hawaii and Japan. The partnership happens in Hawaii where Prospect Asset Management Inc., which is the securities investment advisor of the Prospect Group, is based.

"We are delighted to announce this partnership and welcome Prospect Co. Ltd., into the Pacific Rim Cup family for the inaugural tournament this year," said Takehiko Nakamura, President and CEO of Blue United Corporation.

"Prospect has been supporting J.League clubs in Japan to promote lifelong sports and the healthy development of boys and girls, and continues to support the region affected by the Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011,” Nakamura said. “Prospect has its roots in Hawaii, and we are excited to be the property to help drive this awareness and exposure. Prospect and Pacific Rim Cup are brands dedicated to making social contributions through sports. We believe the partnership is a great fit, and we're excited by the opportunities it presents."

Curtis Freeze, President of Prospect Co. Ltd., says: "On behalf of the Prospect Group, I am delighted that we got the opportunity to sponsor this Pacific Rim Cup. We are engaged in lifelong sports promotion, healthy development of children, reconstruction assistance of the Great East Japan earthquake, etc., through the sponsorship of the J.League club in Japan. During this occasion in Hawaii, where we have a deep connection as a group, we will also promote social contribution activities through the dissemination and promotion of sports culture.I especially and strongly hope that the wonderful play of the players participating in this tournament will inspire the children of Hawaii."

ABOUT Prospect
Name: Prospect Co., Ltd.
President: Curtis Freeze
Address: 1−30−8, Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
Founded: 12/1/1937
Project: Condominium sales, renewable energy and overseas real estate related businesses.Central to the Tokyo metropolitan area, Prospect Co. focuses on sales of the "GLO-BEL MANSION" series and is working to diversify business by starting development projects for renewable energy, such as solar power, which is clean energy. The Prospect group also includes construction developments, custom housing and investment advisory services.

Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armour

現地時間2018年2月8日 (木)、10日 (土)の2日間、ハワイ州ホノルルにて開催する、Pacific Rim Cup 2018 Powered by Under Armourの大会フィナンシャルパートナーとして株式会社プロスペクト様にご協賛頂く事が決定致しましたので、下記にてお知らせします。


【株式会社プロスペクト 代表取締役社長 カーティス・フリーズ氏コメント】
プロスペクトグループを代表しまして、今回のPacific Rim Cupに協賛の機会を頂きましたことを、大変嬉しく思います。当社は、日本国内において、Jリーグクラブへの協賛を通じて、生涯スポーツ振興、少年少女の健全育成、東日本大震災の復興支援などに取り組んでおり、この機会に、当社グループとしてゆかりの深いハワイの地においても、スポーツ文化の普及ならびに振興を通じた社会貢献活動をすすめてまいります。特に本大会に参加される選手の皆様の素晴らしいプレーが、ハワイの子どもたちに夢と感動を与えてくれることを強く期待しています。